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Discipleship At Scale Is Hard

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The secret is that you're already collecting all the data you need to disciple at scale. We integrate with tools like Planning Center to turn your data into reports, insights, and actionable tasks for your team.

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Start with the one

We look at each facet of a member's walk in your church. Measuring their frequency, we can identify their next Growth Step.
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What is AUTO Growth Step?1Automatically finds sheep ready to grow.2Connects them to the right shepherd.3Unlocks their next Growth Step.4Puts your church into a discipleship flow.

Integrate the lost

Once your church enters the discipleship flow, it's time to strengthen your nets. Welcome to AUTO Next Steps.

When someone comes for the first time, they automatically get added to the First Visit step. Quickly assign a leader to shepperd them through your assimilation process.

See the big picture

Get a birds eye view of your flock. Steeple Works ships with built-in reports covering every area of your church, from giving to kids check-ins.

Growth Steps

Grouped by Month

  1. Starting Out

  2. Going Strong

  3. Ready To Lead

Want to see who served for the first time?
We got a report for that.

Want to see your churches lifetime giving?
We got a report for that.

Want to see the health of your teams?
We got a report for that.

Want to see who gave for the first time?
We got a report for that.

Grow disciples,
produce fruit,
fill Heaven!

Our mission is to see your steeple work . The Lord has called you to see your city saved, lives transformed, and a nation healed. The age of discipleship at scale has begun. Is your church ready?
Steeple Works

The first tool for churches to enable discipleship at scale.

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Steeple Works can understand the health of your church, but it can't attend your service, tour your facilities, and see your team serve the lost.

It's time for a second set of eyes on your Sunday.
Welcome to Bootcamp.

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It all starts with a site visit at your church. Our team secret shops every aspect of your Sunday, writing up a detailed Growth Guide report.

We then equip you and your team with executable next steps that are proven to grow each area of your church.

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No matter the size of your church, we can help you grow faster and build stronger.


Supercharge your growth, join the 52 week bootcamp.

1Biannual site visit with Growth Guide report.2Monthly one on one growth coaching.3Anytime phone access to our growth team.4Unrestricted access to Steeple Works.