Grow so
Fast, it's

Steeple Works is a group of pastors born as innovators. Nerds who love Sunday at church, geeking out over every little data point, relentlessly iterating every detail.

We combine software
with a 52 week bootcamp
taking growth to the next level

Church foyer
Church foyer
Church foyer

Optimizing every aspect of your church; from your foyer, to your teams, the groups you run, and the souls you save. We partner this with next gen software that understands how churches grow. Breaking it down from your campuses all the way to the individual, helping your team take everyone to the next level.

No sheep left behind energy
1-800-Fruit-Now vibes

What's so special about your software?
1It helps you find the right sheep.2Connecting them to the right sheppard.3Unlocking their next growth step.4Putting your church into a discipleship flow state.Powered by the tools you use already like Planning Center. Using the data you collect every Sunday to power next level views like this:

Assignto help them
Keep going to group

Repeat after me...
"I can help them grow!"

Our vision is for your church to see real growth. Go and make disciples. Burning hearts who serve, leading home groups, giving over and above. Ones dressed in the full armor of the Lord, who witness to their coworkers.

Growth Track

Grouped by Month

  1. Starting Out

  2. Going Strong

  3. Ready to Lead

We are moving the ball beyond just tracking attendance, to measuring hearts and souls. Metrics built on engagement, segmented from campuses, to teams and groups, down to the individual. Understand the real health of your flock for the first time.

Grow disciples,
produce fruit,
fill Heaven!

Our mission is to see your steeple work. The Lord has called you to see your city saved, lives transformed, a nation healed. The age of hyper growth based on more than a hunch has begun. Is your church ready?

It's time for biblical levels of
growth today.